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Here you can estimate the cost of establishing a website of your choice, chose what features you want in your website and click calculate estimate for an immediate quote.

If you are not sure what components you want, please contact our sales department at 630-310-8629 and an agent will explain and guide you to the appropriate selections.

Name Company
Email Phone
Website Name    
Estimated Total 0

FeaturesUnit Price  
Member registration (Up to 10 user input Fields) $100.00
Photo Gallery (Standard) $250.00
Paypal Integration for shopping Cart $200.00
Add a Rotating Banner on Home Page $75.00
One year Hosting plan ( with MS SQL $180.00
Social Media Menu $75.00
Create a facebook business page and profile $100.00
Annual Maintenance Program $900.00
Blog Page Read only no user interaction $200.00
Contact Us Page $125.00
About Us Page $70.00
Allow all menus to have submenus $200.00
Footer Menu (up to five items) $50.00
Header Menu (up to eight menu options) $50.00
Standard Welcome Page with No Banners $75.00
Buy Domain Name $30.00
Inventory Management $400.00
Custom Built Shopping Cart (2 hours) $200.00
Create your own Forms and questionnaires $550.00
Content Management System (CMS) for all features $750.00
Services Page (Price per service) $50.00
Data Entry Text and Graphics on a page $60.00
Quarterly Maintenance Program $400.00
Standard Shopping Cart $500.00
Meta Tag and SEO Management Tools $430.00
Project Management Tool $1,200.00
Drop Down Menu Functionality $500.00
Calendar and Events Agenda $650.00
Detailed Calendar $400.00
Zoomable Slideshow Gallery $500.00
Importing Contacts List to Database $250.00
Paypal Setup and Admin $250.00
Website Migration $750.00
Professional Product Photography $250.00

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