Custom Built Shopping Cart (2 hours)

The Custom Shopping Cart does only what you need it to do, does it well and can be significantly less expensive than those commercial web models that generalize the shopping cart software so it will work for as many clients as possible.

These commercial web models that do-everything-but-what-you-need-it-to-do charge a staggering start-up fee and then charge you a big hourly rate to make the inevitable changes to their model.

At IVO Inc, we believe that a custom tailored solution, written from scratch, should start simple and evolve over time to give clients the flexibility to accommodate their ever changing business needs.

A streamlined Custom Shopping Cart, unlike the commercial model, is significantly simpler in its make-up lending to simpler database back-ups and faster and more reliable websites.

Your Custom Shopping Cart will be programmed in the main standard language of the internet and will be very easy to customize, streamline or integrate with other software as needed.

We involve you in every step of the process from the initial building of the site till it's time to help you transition to managing the site on your own.

Price:  $200.00