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Business Analyst Questions asked in an interview
I was interviewing with a potential client for a contract and they asked me couple of multiple choice questions, which I had to answer while being interviewed. I thought sharing those interview questions would be something of interest to you and I would appreciate to know what your answer will be.

Q1- You are working on a client-driven project. You were told very specific operating guidelines up front, and the client has used these to critique you throughout the project. Nevertheless, your final output met or exceeded all client standards. After delivering the product, your supervisor says that the client is not happy because several standards were not met. None of these standards were communicated to you during the project. Because of the time and energy you invested, you are very upset. What would be the best response?

a- Phone the client to request a meeting to discuss their concerns.
b- Make copies of the initial project specifications sheet and send it to your supervisor.
c- Offer to make the changes to the product and explain to your supervisor what happened.
d- Document the initial project guidelines and the estimated time and cost to meet the client's surprise requests

Q2- You are in a project meeting with a client and two of your peers from other functional areas. You have been sent by your supervisor to represent the interests of your team in the discussion. During the meeting the client makes a request that you know would be difficult, if not impossible, for your team to meet. The best thing for you to do is:

a- tell the client that your team can meet his request.
b- tell the client that your team would be unable to meet such a request.
c- propose a more reasonable alternative that you are sure your team could handle.
d- delay your answer to the client until you can meet with key people from your team to determine if there is a way to meet the request.

Q3- You and your project team have been asked to generate a solution to a problem. The problem is not complicated, and you are sure you have determined a solution. Your supervisor has asked you to review the problem with your team and generate a solution at your next meeting. The most appropriate response is to:
a- wait until after your project team’s meeting to give the solution to your supervisor.
b- let the team know you have a possible solution but that you are first interested to hear what they think.
c- review the problem with the team and wait to see if the team members come to the same solution you have.
d- present the problem and your solution to the team and have the team attempt to generate a better solution.

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