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As a BA at IVO Inc I participated in a full SDLC cycle.

Conducted client interviews
, read, and observed their work in progress and understand their business logic and captured their problems and what solutions they are looking for.

After meeting, I researched and looked for solution options, both inside and outside the organization to fit with project goals.

I spent a great deal of time analyzing the acquired information and studied it for patterns and trends; continually reviewing it to ensure that it is current, and accurate; keeping in mind the sources of the problem and potential solutions.

Many of the encountered problems suggested multiple solutions, so I spent lots of time analyzing and comparing solutions and weighing them against the actual client needs.

I then scheduled clients meeting where I was actively communicating, listening to client scenarios and then confirming my understanding to user cases, and communicating what I learned to the development Team who will build the actual solution.

After DV meeting, I documented what I learned and observed. I took time to consider the best ways to document specific types of information, whether as text or visual form (charts, graphs, illustrations, etc.)

I then presented and discussed the documents to stakeholders to chose and approve the appropriate solution. Their choice was then evaluated throughout design and construction to ensure that it continues to meet the business needs. Then the team chooses the best implementation process and present it to the development team to start coding.

While coding was in process, I gathered examples and test scenarios from business stakeholders and assisted in testing.

Once the code was completed, I conducted testing with QA team, and then conducted UAT sessions with business users to test and accept the newly developed solution.
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