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Let’s face it, cost is important. Spending time and resources on a project is not something to be casually done. IVO specializes in customizing and tailor-designing websites at very reasonable cost.

Creating your dream website is just a click away. Checkout the offer of this month!

Let us show you how a website can serve your business.


Selling products and services online

Part of your website could be focused on selling your products and services online. (ecommerce) Many people fall for the 'off-the-shelf' systems for e-commerce only to discover later that they have over-paid for an over-complex system that they struggle to maintain. One disillusioned client told us they would have been better off paying all the overheads for a high street shop!

What you need to think about

Ask your self - what might a website do that would improve some aspect of your work - whether you are a business, a service, a voluntary organization or a private individual. Once you've done that, you can move on to the next stage - deciding what you actually do want a website to do for you. What are the steps of creating one


Say you just received a new product and you want to advertise a "special." Reaching your customers via the phone, sending a letter, or FAX would be time-consuming and expensive. With the Internet you can send out an e-mail to 500 of your best customers with the click of your mouse. You can put a "SPECIAL" notice on your website advertising the new product.

Contact us
now and we will offer you a free one hour consultation and guide you through the steps of starting your online presence and website.

Why create a website? build-website.jpg

In this day and age, people want results. Customers demand instant information, and they want access to it on a 24-hour basis. Such marketing requires an established presence on the World Wide Web. At IVO we specialize in customizing websites that can be accessed anywhere, at any time for your business. Whether you need a single page that offers biographic information, and how best to contact you, or a full-blown site that offers Ecommerce and advertisement. We can tailor any website to meet your marketing demands and customize to your complete satisfaction.

Websites often act like the marketing brochures before the information age. The advantage of websites, however, is the sheer number of potential customers that it can reach. From local merchants in your area, to companies in Asia and Europe, a website can be accessed anywhere in the world at any time. They are cost effective, and their information can be changed limitless with little or no cost to you.

Show them what you’re offering!

One of the major aspects of many web-based companies is the focus on offering products and selling them. According to the latest online survey’s, the number of consumers purchasing online has quadrupled in the past 4 years! In fact, the numbers from last year’s holiday sales indicate that nearly half of all purchases were made online. They’ve even coined the term ‘Black Monday’, to coincide with online sales. Keeping these things in mind, it is important to ask yourself what a website can do to improve your sales or the information that you need to show the world. Whether you are a service-oriented business, a non-for profit group, or even a private individual; a website can be your link to a greater customer base!

Durability & Customization

Having a website never guarantees success. Like any form of marketing, it must be dynamic. A static website is an unused website. Like a pamphlet that never changes, a website with no update is going to be ignored.

We believe in dynamic tailoring. By discovering the needs of your business, we can provide you with a custom made web presence that will offer your clientele a visual expression of your company, and the message you wish to convey. IVO can create personal websites that both excite and intrigue your customer base, as well as offer the latest in web advertising so that you can expand your business. Our customization will give your business the online durability and satisfaction that your clients expect of you in simple, and easy-to-use ways.

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