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rent-a-website.jpgIf you want to rent a website call IVO Inc. 630-310-8629

Cannot afford buying a website and paying full cost, let us help you. You only pay for the setup fees which are the domain name and the hosting plan for one year and we will take care of the rest.

The remaining balance will be paid as you go and use the website
It costs you $1 (One Dollar) a day. Almost 30 Dollars every month.

You will have a CMS (Content management System)
You will have SEO

Website Rentals from just a dollar per day. You will get SEO Tools to optimise your website and help show on the top 10 pages of google

By renting a  website, you will
  • Save thousands of dollars compared to buying and setting up
  • Save your funds for running your business.
  • Use the time and money saved while renting for the first six months and invest on keywords and ad-words of search engines.
  • It usually takes up to six months till Google and other search engines start to see your website and rank you on the top.
  • There will be no dramatic Cash Flow problems when you rent a website. Perfect for new or small companies on a very tight budget.
  • Compared to flyers, yellow pages, TV and Radio Ads etc – Website Rentals are probably the most Cost-Effective way to advertise, and certainly the most flexible.
  • Websites work for you 24-7.
  • No Minimum Contract to Rent a Website. Ideal for new Business Start-Ups – Or one last desperate attempt to revive a struggling business. You can test an idea or product quickly, cheaply and with no long-term risk.
  • At the offered rate you can afford to to test different sites for new products and link your sites together for improved Google leverage.
  • Save the time, trouble and expense of designing and creating your own site, let us spend time developing your rental website (OUR area of expertise)
  • You can include your Images, your products, your staff etc, in your website, giving it a real personal look.
  • We can set you up in two weeks.
  • All our rental websites are designed from the ground up to be Search Engine Friendly
  • Use the same person for website design, building the website, sales, accounts, SEO etc – no room for the misunderstandings that often arrive when several different people are involved in creating your website. And it all happens a lot quicker and easier than working with a large web design company.

The website we will build for you will contain
  • Contact Form
  • About US
  • Three Services you offer
  • Testimonials
  • NEWS
When you sign up to rent a website, we will explain to you the importance of Domain Name / Website Structure / Keywords.
Do NOT buy a domain name before talking to us.

Call IVO at 630-310-8629

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