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projects-hi-res.pngIVO Inc proudly presents its yet simple to use Project Management Tool.

This tool allows website owner to register his clients on the website and manage their Projects.

You can register unlimited number of users on your website or use existing website registrants.
Each user can have unlimited number of projects associated with their profile.
Each project Profile can have unlimited number of billed items.
  • Billed items can be services you provide or misc other items you can bill on the fly, like lunch meeting, or one hour data entry
  • Rates for billed entries, can be entered on the fly, or retrieved from your stock inventory database.
Each Project can have multiple invoices associated with it.
  • Each invoice in the project can have multiple types of payments and transactions associated with it.
  • Each invoice status evolves from Pending to Invoiced, then Collected.
  • Each invoice information can be retrieved at any time in the project life cycle.
  • Invoiced client can log in their profile and see all billings and account statements
Each Project can have Tasks to the client associated with it.
  • Tasks can be viewed from the client main screen once they log into your website.
  • Tasks can be manipulated by both system admin (Website owner) and the client.
  • Task status changes from New, Changed, Completed or Closed.
  • Every task life cycle and changes are logged and can be viewed by both the system admin and the website owner.

Each project can have a Clients Relation Management Tool (CRM) associated with it.

  • A Project can start by getting a user requirement from your client 
  • Project manager and client can work on clarifying and defining the requirement through the IVO CRM system
  • IVO CRM Tracks all changes, attachments, emails and discussions related to building the final requirement document.
  • Requirements Status changes between New Requirement, Changed, Accepted and finally Project in Process
  • Requirements description prices, and contracts will be created at the Requirements Gathering stage along with all related attachments
  • Once a project is accepted and transformed to a Project in Process status, a Project is created allowing you to do all the above described functionality.

Creating a project e-mail list is another feature of IVO Project Management Tool

  • Email List is extracted from your existing clients list in your database
  • Each email sent can be tracked through the CRM system.
  • Each sent email in the campaign will be sent personalized to the recipient
  • Project manager can send response answers with every email campaign launched, such as: Accept, decline, will try to make it, not interested, etc
  • You can customize and add to the options you want to send with each email blast / Campaign.
  • All email recipients responses to the email you send are tracked by the IVO CRM system

Call 1-630-310-8629 for a free demo of how this tool can be tailored to fit your business needs.

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